Challenge 5

How do I share and archive content across my company?

Content is often created for the purpose of generating new visitors and leads. But it can also be an effective tool for your team to use in the sales process. When they are aiming to persuade a lead, good content is an excellent way for your sales team to showcase their own expertise, help a potential customer and/or win trust. It is also an asset that helps a salesperson avoid having to rely on the usual sales jargon.

However, the team might not always aware of what content exists, where to find it and/or how to easily share it with their prospects. Additionally, you need a secure place to store your sensitive business information in order to protect yourself from hackers. More than three billion data assets have been hacked in the past six years, and the level and ingenuity of these threats is constantly increasing. It is therefore important to change passwords for your digital databases regularly and to use software you trust (e.g., Advantage among others).

It is imperative to have a robust content archive. A well-developed archive allows you to easily locate any content asset. And it also makes it easy to send content to your customers, to your salespeople and to their prospects – in a secure way.

Aside from enabling the location and sharing of good content, an archive has another big advantage. It gives you instant oversight of all the content that has ever been created within the organisation. The archive preserves every content asset, even if it was published on a channel you no longer use. Thanks to the archive, you can not only find that content, but you can also edit it, and perhaps even share or publish it again somewhere. Perhaps, for example, you need to remove certain content from your blog for a while. If so, storing it may be an attractive option. A good content archive is another way to overcome chaos.