Grow your agency

Organise content marketing for all your clients from just one, central platform. Manage clients, communicate directly with all stakeholders, centralise data and reporting, build custom teams, create excellent content, gain insights, automate publishing and maintain healthy margins.

  • Maintain oversight and manage all your clients’ content marketing needs from just one, central platform.
  • Organise the entire editorial process. Consult and collaborate with your production teams and customers directly and easily.
  • Create outstanding content for your clients by having access to an international network of top content creators.
  • Work more efficiently using planning tools and dynamic content workflows.
  • Get insights and avoid mistakes when developing your clients’ content marketing plans.

Organise all your clients’
content marketing

ContentRockr was created by a content marketing agency for content marketing agencies.

Plan all your clients’ content production easily and effectively

  • Plan

    The ContentRockr content calendar gives you clear and detailed insights into all your content campaigns. The dynamic content calendars are easy to modify and easy to share. Choose from a range of calendar views and dashboards: weekly, monthly, daily, per buyer persona, per funnel, per division, per country, per list and more.

  • Effective coordination

    Ensure that all stakeholders and teams have complete, real-time views into content planning and the status of all content marketing initiatives. Replace email with direct messaging and notifications for faster communication.

  • Customer-centric content calendar

    Provide your customers with valuable content and generate leads at every stage of the buyer journey. Build the content marketing strategy for your customers around clear business objectives, buyer personas and funnel stages.

Work with the 5% best content creators

  • Network of top talents

    Your customers will get high-quality content created by the best content creators available.
    Expand your own content team by gaining access to our international talent network of content creators.

  • Range of profiles

    Tap our international talent network to build your entire content team. Work with the best copywriters, translators, SEO specialists, UX writers, social media managers and other specialists.

  • ContentRockr selects the best available content creators in its network for you.

    Our effective selection process ensures that agencies like yours can collaborate with top content creators.

    Generate high-quality content using our network of content creators
    Discover how we select the best content creators

Save time

  • Transparent, organised editing process

    Clear away the obstacles to making high-quality content. Manage the entire content production process, from start to finish, on ContentRockr. Provide your teams with the content workflows and all the tools they need to create valuable content.

  • Consult and collaborate

    Consult directly with all your clients, teams and content creators at every stage of the production process on the ContentRockr platform.

  • Create social media content for your clients

    Generate interaction and awareness rapidly with the convenient social media streams on ContentRockr.

Publish to different channels instantly

  • Publish

    Generate traffic and leads for your clients by posting directly to their website, blog and social media channels from ContentRockr—at the right time, in the right section and in the right design.

  • Share content

    Make sure your clients' sales and marketing teams have instant access to the content they need to generate valuable customer conversations.

  • Findability

    With ContentRockr's content hub, all your clients' teams can instantly find the content they need to share with their prospects.

Get insights and avoid mistakes

  • Measure the impact of your content campaigns

    Measure which content projects are successful and understand why. ContentRockr’s features include data visualisation to launch initiatives immediately and avoid mistakes.

  • Dashboard

    Centralise all your data and avoid using spreadsheets for insights into your planning and status. Design your own dashboard and reporting with ContentRockr and get real-time status views of content planning, tasks, calendar, budget and more.

  • Buyer journey

    Get insight into the buyer journey and generate as much content as you need for each buyer persona in each phase.

ContentRockr helps me to manage the flow of content even more efficiently.

The dashboard shows me at a glance where there is still work to be done. It allows me to be even more responsive.

Tina Claeys
Content Account Manager @ Mediaforta