Streamline the entire content production process with ContentRockr

The ContentRockr content calendar provides an overview of all your campaigns and activities. The dynamic content calendar is easy to share and offers a variety of views and dashboards: weekly, monthly, daily, per buyer persona, per funnel, per country, per division and more.

Get insights on your content marketing strategy

Focus on creating customer-centric content and achieve your target outcomes.

Respond to events and easily adjust your content calendar. Plan extra content quickly.

  • Get clear insights

    All-seeing dashboards visualise key data of your different projects, languages, content types, buyer persona, divisions, and more.

  • More effective organisation

    All stakeholders and your various teams have full insight into the content planning and status of all content marketing initiatives.

  • Maintain an overview

    Ensure consistency in your content marketing. View of what other divisions and teams in your organisation are producing and publishing.

  • Plan and brief

    Order content directly from the content calendar with a content creator.

Reach your customers with the right content in the right place at the right time

An effective content strategy provides a good insight into when and where specific content appears. Plan your content, gain insight per day, per week and per month, so that the right content reaches your target group at the right time and in the right place.

Create a customer-centric content strategy

Build your content marketing strategy around clear business objectives, buyer persona and funnel stages, so that your customers and prospects are presented with valuable content at every stage of the buyer journey.

Content marketing that’s on time and on strategy

Make sure all your marketing is on time and fits your strategy. Find out how your organisation can use ContentRockr to standardise workflows and keep track of production schedules with our flexible briefing and calendar system.

ContentRockr helps me to manage the flow of content even more efficiently.

The dashboard shows me at a glance where there is still work to be done. It allows me to be even more responsive.

Tina Claeys
Content Account Manager @ Mediaforta
  • Proximus
  • Securitas
  • Pittmann
  • Luminus

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