ContentRockr through the eyes of Tina Claeys – Content Account Manager at Mediaforta

Tina Claeys
Content Account Manager @ Mediaforta

ContentRockr: a powerful lever for qualitative content creation

I’ve been working for a year now at the content marketing agency Mediaforta. As Content Account Manager it is my job to help shape the client’s ideas and translate them into results-driven content. Only the best is good enough, which is I always select the best freelancers⁠—copywriters, proofreaders, designers, etc.—for each assignment. Each text passes under my vigilant eye. It’s my job to make sure that all the finishing touches are where they should be. It’s a tough challenge because each text often goes back and forth several times, until it is just right—not only in Dutch, but often in French, English and German, too.

Streamlined content

I recently used ContentRockr to help me manage the flow of content for one of my clients even more efficiently. The tool neatly bundles all freelancers who work for that client.

“ContentRockr helps me to manage the flow of content even more efficiently.”

When I have an assignment, I can inform the freelancer in question with a single click. The freelancer then receives an automatic notification and can then check on the system both the content of the assignment, and when exactly it is needed. When the freelancer has completed the assignment, I receive an automatic notification. Fast and very convenient!

Always the right version

A traditional problem is that different versions of a text are often in circulation, so there is the risk of accidentally sending the wrong version to the client. ContentRockr eliminates that problem. In the system, each freelancer automatically works on the previous version.

It is even possible to integrate photo material directly into the text. That way, my colleague who designs the newsletter for this client can be 100% sure that the right photo is in the right place.

Clear dashboard

ContentRockr allows the client to contribute comments and feedback easily via the platform. Clearly displayed feedback makes it easier for the freelancer to process feedback in the next round.

“The dashboard shows me at a glance where there is still work to be done. It allows me to be even more responsive.”


For me, the clear dashboard is a massive advantage of the system. At a glance, I can see which tasks are completed and where there is still work to be done. That allows me to be even quicker on the ball.

In short, ContentRockr has become indispensable to me for producing the right content for this client any time they need it. So, I’m looking forward to introducing even more clients to ContentRockr.