Streamline your entire content production process

With the ContentRockr content calendar you can view all your campaigns and activities. The dynamic content calendar is easy to share and has a variety of views and dashboards.

A transparent, organised editing process

Clear away the obstacles to creating high-quality content. Give your team access to the content creators, workflows and all other tools they need to create valuable content.

  • Dynamic content calendar

    Respond to events with an easy-to-change content calendar. Plan extra content quickly.

  • Shared workflows

    Streamline your content creation, reduce meeting time and ensure effective collaboration. ContentRockr brings together marketers and content creators within shared workflows to deliver great content marketing.

  • Direct communication

    Order content that fits your content plan using a briefing document. Communicate directly with content creators at any stage of the production process using a chatbot.

  • Collaborate and give feedback

    Get the content you envisioned as an organisation. Within ContentRockr, you can proof, give feedback and validate the delivered content at any point in the production phase.

  • Insight

    Produce good content more efficiently thanks to real-time, up-to-date insight into the status of the entire content production process.

  • Notifications

    Save time by getting notifications of when a first version is ready, when there is feedback on content or when the content creator has a question.

  • Ideas

    Brainstorm ideas together with your team and develop them to completion, all on ContentRockr.

Generate impact with high-quality content

Get the high-quality content your organisation needs. ContentRockr centralises the feedback cycle to make content validation and getting feedback from your team easier. Feedback is automatically sent to the content creator, who then processes it. The outcome is content that is in line with your content marketing plan.

Plan, create and publish on all your social media channels

Level up user experience and create content in different languages

Add translators to your content production team and receive the content in different languages on ContentRockr. After the final editor has proofread the translation, you can publish your content on the appropriate channels from ContentRockr.

Generate qualitative leads and customer conversations

Ensure that your sales and marketing teams get the content they need to generate valuable customer conversations. Thanks to ContentRockr’s content hub, all the teams within your organisation have direct access to the content they need to share with their prospects.

Strengthen your social media presence

  • Social media

    Receive the social media posts that correspond to each content item directly.

  • Create social streams

    Create a social media content calendar quickly and have it developed.

  • Collaborate

    Have your whole team give feedback on social media posts before validating and publishing.

  • Publish

    Plan and publish all your social media content from ContentRockr.