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    Thanks to our international network of top talents, we are ready to tackle all your content projects

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  • Arnaud


    I am passionate about sports and love writing about it in any form.

  • Valerie

    Translator EN/NL

    Translation is more than conveying meaning.

  • Claude

    Translator FR/NL

    Contrary to the adage, translation is not betrayal.

  • Evi


    I go to the essence: clear messaging.

  • Gerlinde

    Translator NL/DE

    I focus on delivering professionalism and quality.

  • Ludovic


    The best content marketing doesn’t feel like marketing

  • Lionel


    My clients really appreciate my versatility. They have confidence in my ability to take care of the strategy, design, writing and formatting of their projects.

  • Katrien


    My speciality is writing about culture (film, literature, theatre, art, etc.) and mental health.

  • Jason


    My work recognises the appetite for progressive change that now exists in the seafood space.

  • Ive


    Being persuasive is a question of keeping copy and soul together.



Business and commercial texts are an area of expertise in their own right. They have to be appealing, to the point, convincing and seductive⁠—all at the same time. Our copywriters are dedicated producers of copy for all your websites, brochures, newsletters, advertisements and company magazines.

Video reporters

Need a short, powerful film for social media or a longer video to put on your website? Our video reporters shoot on-location footage, conduct interviews, subtitle and edit, ensuring that your video message comes across perfectly.

Social media managers

The social media manager understands the art of building a true community around your brand with the right images and concise, compelling texts. Together with the other team members, they generate interaction with customers, moderate online reactions to build a dynamic social media experience.


Search engine optimisation is crucial. Our SEO/SEA specialists adapt the content and linking strategies for your website(s) so that your content is easier for search engines to find.


Go local by having content translated into different languages to reach even more (potential) customers. We not only work with qualified, native-language translators, but also have each translation proofread by a native-language proofreader.

Content coordinators

A content coordinator is the pivotal link between the customer and the internal content team. You brief your contact person about your objectives and the coordinator ensures that all copywriters, translators, proofreaders, video editors, designers or other specialists are working at the right time and with the right information, in order to deliver the desired result on time.

UX copywriters

Writing for user experience is a profession in its own right. UX copywriters craft the small but significant texts (including CTAs, forms, buttons or error messages) that increase your website’s user-friendliness and conversion rates.


Looking good matters too. With your brand identity in mind, our designers will design your eBook, infographic or social media visual to both appeal and achieve instant recognition.

Content marketers

A digital content marketing manager helps develop and implement the content marketing strategy. The manager ensures that your original and creative content brings your brand to life with your target audience, using the strongest digital media channels.

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  • Katrien could talk faster than she could walk, and it was more than obvious the older she became: Katrien has a real knack for languages. In order to devour even more books, she studied language and literature (Dutch-English) at KU Leuven, where she obtained a master's degree. An irresistible urge to put pen to paper herself led to a subsequent master's degree in journalism. Due to her huge capacity for empathy, she always finds the right tone and words for each target group. Her speciality is writing about culture (film, literature, theatre, art, etc.) and mental health. Katrien also writes about her own experiences in more personal writings and she particularly enjoys connecting through in-depth interviews conducts.

  • Arnaud has a degree in communication-journalism (IHECS - 2004). He spent the first 15 years of his career at Proximus, with responsibility for writing texts for the group's website on topics that included news, sport, television and cinema. For the past two years, he has worked as a freelance journalist and copywriter, mainly on corporate websites in various sectors, as well as magazine articles in the healthcare and property sectors. He is passionate about sports and particularly enjoys working on sports news items. He also translates texts from Dutch and English into French. Mostly known for his rigor and precision, his clients have also praised his simple and efficient style, as well as the structure of his articles.

  • Lionel has writing in his blood. After obtaining a degree in advertising from IHECS in 2007, he worked for almost 14 years as an entertainment journalist in the television sector (RTL-TVI, PLUG RTL, LA UNE, TIPIK in Belgium and M6, W9 in France) and as a creative copywriter in the advertising sector (working for agencies such as Happiness, Altavia Act*, Havas and directly for clients like Proximus and Aion Bank). Migrating between the audio-visual and advertising sectors has proven to be a real strength. In television writing, the tone of voice and creativity gained from advertising work are an undeniable plus, whereas when writing advertising material, it is the storytelling skills he learnt in television that are the assets of choice.

    Lionel’s forte is his curiosity. Curiosity is often regarded negatively, but Lionel disagrees, "My curiosity, my consistent desire to learn new things, to learn about my collaborators’ jobs, and to delve into subjects that I don’t know much about have enabled me to learn many skills like shooting video and editing, advertising strategy—all of which I might never have discovered if I had confined myself to just writing.”

    Another strong point: "My clients really appreciate my versatility. They have confidence in my ability to take care of the strategy, design, writing and formatting of their projects."

  • Working with ContentRockr is very simple, all information is easily accessible & communication around every project is transparent for all parties involved. If you prefer to work in Word, you can export the document from ContentRockr to a Word document without worrying about changes in layout, appearance and so on, as everything will be taken over exactly as in the original file on ContentRockr. So, all together very suitable.

    Our selection process

    As a quality-first company, ContentRockr accepts only the best content creators into its network. Our effective selection process ensures that you will be working with the most talented content creators available.

    30% success rate

    Within our network, we look for candidates with the required language and the necessary specialisms and skills. From those results, we filter out the best, suitable candidates.

    12% success rate

    We verify candidate specialisms in one-to-one, in-depth interviews. We also build an accurate picture of candidates' interests, drives and personality.

    8% success rate

    Each candidate is given a number of test projects that are related to anticipated assignments. These tests let candidates demonstrate their knowledge, professionalism and drive.

    5% success rate

    Our content specialists analyse the test results. Ultimately, the client chooses their 5% best candidates.

    Top 5% best content creators

    ContentRockr has a unique international network of first-rate content creators. Our network is home to copywriters, translators, UX writers, video reporters, social media managers, illustrators and designers and other specialists—each with an exceptional professional background.

    Working with ContentRockr is very simple, all information is easily accessible & communication around every project is transparent for all parties involved.

    Translator @ Mediaforta

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