Organise your social media within ContentRockr

Organising social media content for large organisations is often complex and time consuming. ContentRockr has developed a number of features that make this process faster and easier.

Briefing & planning

  • Order social media posts from within the tool quickly and easily.
  • Use the social media briefing tool to brief editors or the agency quickly.
  • Plan the social posts directly using the calendar.


  • Receive the first versions of the social media posts within ContentRockr.
  • Read them and give feedback on each post within the tool.
  • Share the posts with all your stakeholders and request their feedback.
  • Send feedback to the agency, the editor or make the corrections yourself.
  • Publish automatically from ContentRockr.


  • Get insights into your social media planning instantly using the social media content calendar.
  • Get a live view of each post’s status.
  • Move the publication date and time with the handy, drag-and-drop function.
  • Compile your personal agenda and filter it by date, type, status, buyer persona and more.

Publish and analyse

  • After the posts are validated, they automatically appear on the various social media channels at the time set by you.
  • Get instant live insights on how your posts are performing (score function available from Jan 2023).

ContentRockr helps me to manage the flow of content even more efficiently.

The dashboard shows me at a glance where there is still work to be done. It allows me to be even more responsive.

Tina Claeys
Content Account Manager @ Mediaforta

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