Produce outstanding content using ContentRockr’s validation and feedback features

Having different texts validated within your organisation is time consuming and complex. ContentRockr has developed a number of features that make this process faster and easier.
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Feedback & Corrections:

  • In-text corrections: correct texts directly within the tool.
  • Feedback boxes: select text that needs to be reworked. Use the feedback boxes to indicate what needs to be done.
  • Save your corrections and continue working later.
  • Social media: give feedback within the different social media posts.


  • Invite all stakeholders to give their feedback on the text(s).
  • See all feedback from the different stakeholders instantly.
  • Send the feedback and corrections to the agency, the editor or correct them yourself.


  • Receive the revised versions.
  • Review and accept corrections.
  • Publish immediately or automatically at a set time.

Working with ContentRockr is very simple, all information is easily accessible & communication around every project is transparent for all parties involved.

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