This is ContentRockr

ContentRockr was created by Mediaforta. Mediaforta is a Belgian content marketing agency. Right from the start of the agency, Mediaforta had developed a tool which it made available to its clients. The idea was simple. Make it easier to create excellent content. This tool has been thoroughly reworked and we now make it available not only to our clients, but also to other companies and agencies.

Our Story

  • 2021

    Mediaforta today

    Today, we are a leading digital content marketing agency in Belgium. We work for multinationals as well as for larger SMEs and ambitious start-ups. Products and services we provide help companies create and distribute excellent content, so they can build better relationships and keep growing. We believe that great content genuinely helps and informs consumers. And that it helps make the world a more interesting and honest place. We share this passion with our clients every day.

  • 2013

    Mediaforta goes remote

    Mediaforta does away with its office. All employees are now permitted to work from home. Two years later, all working hours are also be abolished, meaning that employees can not only work wherever they want, but also whenever they want. This way of working is at the root of Mediaforta’s unique culture.

  • 2012

    Mediaforta across the borders

    Mediaforta extends its activities into the Netherlands, where it works for Securitas, among others. Mediaforta starts developing its international network of content creators, which currently numbers more than 3,000 in over 20 countries. This pool of top talent is available for deployment by Mediaforta on behalf of its clients.

  • 2011

    Mediaforta launches #DCMC

    Convincing brands that content is an effective means of generating more visitors, leads and sales still requires a great deal of persuasiveness. To meet this challenge, Mediaforta launches the digital content marketing congress DCMC in 2011. This annual, online-only event sees various specialists sharing their vision and insights on digital content marketing over a five-day period. At the time, this type of 100%-digital event was revolutionary.

  • 2010

    Mediaforta is founded

    Tom Peeters founds Mediaforta after having successfully published several magazines for over 10 years. During that period, he was also involved in marketing at Coca-Cola, both in Belgium and the Netherlands. Tom combines this double helix of publishing and marketing experience to create Mediaforta, which from day one focuses on digital (not an obvious choice at the time). A digital content marketing agency is born.

Our Culture

What makes us unique: our employees, our way of working, our culture.


We are a quality-first company. Quality is what we are best at. No matter what we are working on, our focus is always on quality. We would rather do less if it means we can do it better. Our employees are exceptionally talented and are continuously learning to stay in top, professional shape.

Getting things done

We have a hands-on mentality: we just get on with the task at hand. That’s how ideas become reality. We have a growth mindset, are ambitious, flexible, optimistic and work hard to turn our dream into a reality.

Modesty & respect

We’re down to earth. Our feet are on the ground. No job is too small for us. We are honest and transparent. We always negotiate fair prices with our suppliers. We pay attention to minor details. We respect our clients, colleagues and suppliers, and in the same spirit, we also expect them to respect us.

Out of the box

We think outside the box. We are creative, driven and we innovate continuously.


We have the space and are trusted to organise our tasks ourselves. We genuinely enjoy doing what we do. We work where and when we want. When we make mistakes, we see them as the best way to learn to become even better at what we do. Our clients give us the space and trust to do an outstanding job for them.


We go to the limit, the extra mile, to amaze our clients, and we do it within Mediaforta’s culture.

Content creators that choose for ContentRockr

  • From her start as a freelance translator in 2009 when she was still living in the Netherlands, Va-lerie’s client list has included ‘blue-chip’ organisations. After returning to Great Britain in 2013, she lectured in Dutch at Leeds Beckett University for five years. During this time she continued translating while also obtaining her MITI en ISO-17100 certifications. Although her specialisations are on the technical side of translation, her ‘looser’ translations and transcreation assignments win the most praise from clients.